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Our Government Channel offers exclusive coverage of meetings of North Attleborough town boards, commissions and committees, along with special programs pertaining to governmental topics and their impact on the town.


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Board of Assessors

The Assessors Office is responsible for administering property tax laws effectively and equitably and for producing accurate and fair assessments of all taxable property.

Board of Health

Board of Health members meet every second Monday to discuss health concerns around town.

Board of Public Works

The Board of Public Works was established in 1973 as a result of an act of the State Legislature. The Board of Public Works is elected by North Attleborough residents and consists of five members, each serving rotating three-year terms. The Board is responsible for the setting policies for public works infrastructure such as planning, building and maintaining roads, bridges, water distribution and sewer collection systems, water treatment and wastewater treatment plants, sidewalks, drainage facilities, vehicles and equipment.

Board of Selectmen

The board of selectmen was the executive branch of North Attleboro's government before voters approved a change to a town manager/council form of government.

THIS FILE INCLUDES TOWN COUNCIL MEETINGS FROM 12/11/23, 1/8/24,  1/22/24, 2/12/24 & 2/26/24.

Building Committee

Building Committee members discuss infrastructure for the town of North Attleborough both commercially and residential.

Bylaw Study Committee

The Committee studies, codifies and recommends changes to the General By-Laws of the Town in the form of a petition for the warrant of any Town Meeting.

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Cable Advisory Board

The cable advisory board negotiates the town's licenses with Comcast and Verizon. They also act as a liaison with the companies on behalf of issues residents may have. They typically meet once a month.

Charter Commission

The members of the Charter Commission are committed to conduct a transparent, educational, and thorough process of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of our current form of government in its ability to effectively respond to the needs of the resident

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Charter Review

The Charter Review Committee studies the Town Charter and implementation thereof to develop a report with recommendations for revisions to the Town Manager and Town Council in each year ending in five and in zero, and more often as it deems necessary and appropriate. 

Commission on Disability

In response to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), the commission was established in 2000 to assist with compliance in North Attleborough.

Communication Committee

Officially known as the Communication, Public Participation and Engagement Committee, the board was established to make recommendations to the Town Council on how to better communicate with residents and to get them more involved with their local government.

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Community Events

The awards ceremony for the solid waste departement's annual coloring contest and the National Day of Prayer event are two of the government programs in the Community Events folder.

Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission, a seven member volunteer board, was established under the authority of the Conservation Commission Act of 1957 to protect the community’s natural resources and to acquire lands for conservation and passive recreation.

Council on Aging

As a department of the Town of North Attleboro, the Council on Aging is dedicated to enabling older residents of North Attleboro (60 and over) to live independently and with dignity within our community.

Cultural Council

The North Attleborough Cultural Council (NACC) is a grass-roots organization, sponsored by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, to promote the arts and sciences in the town of North Attleborough, MA.

Election Commission

The North Attleborough Elections Office is responsible for conducting all federal, state and local elections, registering voters, providing candidates with campaign finance information, conducting an annual town census, certifying nomination papers and initiative petitions and maintaining the census and voter information on the VRIS.

Electric Commission

The NAED Board of Electric Commissioners is made up of three residents of North Attleborough who represent the 13,500 customers of NAED and meet monthly to make recommendations to the General Manager regarding policies and procedures for NAED.

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Emergency Planning Committee

This diverse committee of various town departments develops and recommends policies and strategies to keep residents safe in the event of an emergency.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets monthly to vote on expenditures for the town as well as vote to approve the warrant for the Annual Town Meeting.

Finance Sub-Committee

The Finance Subcommittee is made up of councilors and residents to review items brought before the town council.

Forest Committee

The Town Forest Committee meets occasionally to discuss matters involving woodland areas of the town.

Historical Commission

The Historical Commission consists of volunteers appointed by the town manager to identify, evaluate and protect the historical and archaeological assets of North Attleborough.

Housing Authority

The Housing Authority meets once a month to discuss housing developments in town.

Inside Government

Join Peter Gay and his guest panelists as they discuss important topics regarding Local and Federal Government.

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Inside Look

Join Peter Gay for in-depth interviews with a variety of guests from the area.

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North Attleborough High School

Stay up to date with all the events going on at NAHS.
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North Attleborough Legends

Meet the individuals who have had a significant impact in the community as they recall their time in the North Attleborough of old.

North TV Reports

This documentary segment gives you an in-depth glimpse into important events that have transpired in town.

North TV Special

North TV Specials cover various town events for everyone to enjoy.

North TV's Election Coverage

Meet the candidates, get expert analysis, and discover live election results with North TV's exclusive Election Coverage.

Park and Recreation Commission

The Park and Recreation Commission's mission is to provide the townspeople of North Attleboro with Park facilities and Recreation programs that will enhance the quality of life in our community.

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Plainville Planning Board

The North Attleboro planning board held a joint meeting with the Plainville planning board at Plainville Town Hall on August 9, 2023. The meeting is available in this folder 

Planning Board

The Planning Board conducts meetings and public hearings in compliance with Massachusetts General Laws to review and consider subdivision plans, plans to construct and abandon paper streets, Approval Not Required (Form A) plans, site plans, and certain sp

Representative Town Meeting

RTM holds several meetings throughout the year to vote on articles presented by various boards pertaining to town business.

RTM Coordinating Committee

The RTM Coordinating Committee provides orientation workshops for new members as well as holds informational sessions prior to Town Meetings.

School Committee

School Committee members meet at the beginning of each month to discuss matters pertaining to the North Attleborough Public School District.

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Senior Beat

Stay informed on the important topics and events happening for those 65+.
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Senior Beat

Stay informed on the important topics and events happening for those 65+.

Town Council


The town council is the legislative branch of North Attleboro's government. They typically meet on the second and fourth Monday of every month. 

Town Manager Report

Town Manager Michael Borg joins North TV Executive Director Peter Gay every month to discuss timely topics impacting residents.

Town Manager Screening Committee

This folder contains two meeting of the town manager screening committee. The first was held on 11/21/19 and the second on 12/9/19.

Traffic Study Committee

The Traffic Study Committee is responsible for the enforcement of speed limits, road signage, and road lighting for the town.

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Tri-County School Committee

School Committee members meet at the beginning of each month to discuss matters pertaining to Tri-County Regional High School.
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Tri-County School Committee

School Committee members meet at the beginning of each month to discuss matters pertaining to Tri-County Regional High School.

Up For Discussion

Peter Gay and his panel of guests discuss a wide array of topics such as sports, politics, and other current events.

Veterans Advisory Committee

The Veteran's Advisory Committee oversees the various events and facilities dedicated to local veterans.

Veterans Forum

Veterans Agent Stephen Travers sits down to talk with various veteran associates and former military members in town to keep the veteran community informed on everything going on.

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board meets once each month to hear any appeals taken from the Building Inspector's decision as to whether a person is entitled to a building permit as well as applications from individuals requesting a variance from the Zoning By-law.